The inter Asia trade is the biggest volume container trade as well as its intensive growth pace attract many carriers to trade in this market.

The combination of strong economics with poor ones and fast growing countries with moderate growth countries invite various modes of operation within the Inter Asia area.

Gold Star Line LTD offers a sense of stability in an industry that never ceases to evolve.  We understand our customers’ needs and are prepared for the shifts that naturally occur in this vast economy. Our team of professionals is ready to provide the best possible services that will help our customers meet their needs and demands.

With a new year ahead of us, our goals are to continue to provide excellent customer support, to expand our services within inter-Asia, and develop a relationship with the vast growing continent of Africa. We look forward to consistently providing our existing clients with an exemplary level of support and we would like to welcome on board all new and potential customers.

Our company’s job is to serve and support our clientele through constantly ensuring professionalism, competence and a high level of skill. Our staff possess the know-how and the means to serve you; the client. No job or account is ever too big or too small for our company and we always welcome our client’s feedback. We are always open to suggestions and we are more than willing to accommodate the needs and desires of our customers. Throughout and beyond this year we want to wish our customers and their businesses prosperity and success.

Danny Hoffmann
Managing Director